About This Project

My name is Ari Birnbaum (Ceiphr). I am a student at Stevens Institute of Technology. When my friend Matthew Glanz (Rockhorn) told be about the Destiny 2-like changes Gearbox was making to Borderlands 3, we came up with the idea for this website.

Development started April 8th of 2021. This project is three weeks in the making. It is a Gatsby.js site hosted on Netlify with Contentful as our CMS.

If you have any comments or queries about the site, please contact me (Ari) via GitHub.


When does the vending machine change locations?

According to Gearbox, the vending machine resets on Thursdays at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET and is activated with a hotfix.

The vending machine disappeared on me, why?

Gearbox has implemented an anti-farming feature. It seems the vending machine will reappear after 30 minutes on your current character.

Do I need to be level 65 or higher to use a vending machine weapon?

No. The weapons will scale to your character. I have a second character that is level 15. All the weapons in the vending machine are level 15 for that character. The prices will scale as well.

How are you finding the vending machine?

The same way you are. We check YouTube. We read Reddit posts. And we try to find it ourselves, in game. You can join us on our Discord.

How long does it typically take to update the site?

Once the location is found, it can take a few hours for me to complete. This is because I am an undergrad. My goal is to update this site on Thursday evenings.

Why can't you show all the guns in the vending machine for this week?

The weapons and their stats are somewhat random. As a result, it wouldn't be very useful to you since you'll likely get different weapons than us.


Thanks to Lootlemon for their fantastic maps and resources.

Special thanks to Simple Analytics for one free year of their service!

Open Source

Thank you to the open-source community! This site wouldn't be possible without these fantastic projects:

  • Contentful

  • Gatsby.js

  • Leaflet.js

  • Netlify

  • React.js

  • React Helmet

  • React Leaflet

  • React Modal

  • React Tooltip

  • Prettier

  • Sass

  • Sharp